Parks and Recreation


parkThe Royston Wellness Park is a 43-acre development that is primarily used for fitness and picnic areas. The 1.2 miles of paved walking trails has fitness stations to assist therapy patients in their journey of good health and rehabilitation. The park has a trailhead facility that has ADA Handicap assessable restrooms and water fountains. We are building a Interpretive Center that will be utilized by local schools and other groups. We have currently talked with the Georgia Forestry Commission and they will be utilizing this center for Smokey the Bear visitations with all the surrounding schools. There is also  a 9-hole disc golf course free to the public with their own supplies. This project was funded by two grants; Department of Natural Resources Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites National Recreational Trails Program and the Georgia's Growing Green ARRA Grant Program by the Georgia Forestry Commission. The remainder of the match was provided by local businesses and recreational SPLOST Funds.

See you at the park soon!

March 2021 The Multi- Purpose Trail is NOW OPEN.

Just shy of a mile (.94 mi) you can get a local hiking/biking/running or nature adventure. We've carved out a .59 mile wooded perimeter trail to connect 
 with our asphalt trail. Begin your walk on the asphalt trail starting near the flag poles. It's only .17 miles to the wooded trail head.

Tree Board
2 Year Terms
Susan Russell Term ends 12/31/24
Patrick O' Brian Term ends 12/31/24
Robbie Fulghum Term ends 12/31/24


Code enforcement officer manages the cemetery. If you need information on a previously purchased lot or need to purchase a lot, you can contact him at the City Hall.

Link to Rose Hill Cemetery:  Rose Hill Cemetery (

Click on a name or a plot number to find data about the plot.  When drop the down box appears, GPS coordinates are provided for each headstone. These coordinates can be used to guide the searcher within inches of the gravesite. We are continuing to update site with features that include the lot purchaser name and purchase date.  Future plans include  providing an image of each grave marker.