Neighborhood Nuisances

The following nuisance situations can be referred as:

  • juvenile loitering
  • drug activity
  • traffic problems
  • animal problems

Home security

A few simple security devices and practices can make your home a difficult target for an intruder. The following ideas are recommended:

  • Dead bolt locks on external doors.
  • Security devices on patio doors.
  • Peepholes on external doors.
  • Security devices on windows.
  • Pruned shrubbery around house.
  • Outside lighting.
  • Property engraved for identification.
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked.

The following are some helpful tips to help keep your neighborhood safe:

  • Know your neighbors and what type of vehicles they drive.
  • Be observant of what goes on around you.
  • Be aware of what is suspicious.

Always report anything that appears to be suspicious to the Royston Police Department.