Streets and Sanitation

City of Royston Sanitation Department

 The City is the sole provider of solid waste collection within the city limits.

Residential Solid Waste Collection

Residential garbage is collected at curbside once a week. The price for collection is $15.61 a month, which is charged to the utility bill.

Call 1-706-245-7232 if you have any questions or need information.

Commercial Solid Waste Collection

The city of Royston’s Sanitation Department is the sole collector of commercial solid waste within the city limits (excluding special waste that cannot be handled by the department).

The Sanitation Department provides ninety-five-gallon carts and 4, 6, or 8 cubic yard dumpsters at no charge to the customer.

Rates for trash pick-ups appear on monthly bills as follows:

95-Gallon Carts


1 x week


3 x week


5 x week


2 Yard Container


3 x week


1 x week


4 Yard Container


1 x month


1 x week


3 x week


5 x week


6 Yard Container


1 x week


2 x week


3 x week


5 x week


8 Yard Container


1 x week


2 x week


3 x week


5 x week



Roll Off Dumpsters are available by request


Can be billed on Account if qualifying account:


9 Cubic Yards

16 Cubic Yards


Billed on account

$80.00 plus tipping fee

$160.00 plus tipping fee






For any additional information call 1-706-245-7232

Regulations for Commercial Pick-ups:

  1. No Construction material should be put in dumpster
  2. No wood, metal, tires or liquid paint.
  3. Make sure vehicles are not parked in front of dumpster on pick-up days.
  4. Trash should be kept off of the ground around dumpster.

White Goods:

Friday is pick up day. Must call to schedule pickup. Can be added to utility bill if qualifying account.

          White Good Fees: July 1, 2022


Large household items – sofas, loveseat, recliner, mattress, box springs, dressers.

$21.00 per item

Household appliances – washers, dryers, fridge, dishwasher, water heaters, freezers, etc.

$21.00 per item. 

Outdoor items – lawn mowers (push or riding), any outdoor equipment that contains gas or oil that needs to be drained.

$26 per item.

All other smaller various items not listed

$12.00 per item.

Below are prohibited items for collection:

Asphalt/Concrete/Chemical Products/Bio-Hazard Materials/Medical Waste/Animals/Dead Animals/All Liquids/Explosives/Flammables/Petroleum Products/Empty Paint Cans/Oil-Lubricants/Solvents/Tires/Batteries/Barrels/Fluorescent Bulbs-Tubes/Poisons/Pesticides/Herbicides etc./Asbestos/Dirt/Demo Bricks/Oil-Filters/Radioactive Materials/Solid Lead or Waste from contaminated structures/Logs/Stumps/Large Tree Trimmings.

Royston Recycle Center

Located at 781 Bowers Street next to Water Plant.

Hours  of Operations are :

Tuesday and Friday 9:30  A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

Saturday 8:00 A.M. -2:00 P.M.

We accept plastic #1 and #2, Cardboard and aluminum cans and metal of any kind.
We NO Longer accept glass of any kind.
Recycle Center will be closed Friday December 24th and 25th for Christmas Holidays. Will be Closed Dec 31st New Year's Eve and Jan 1st for New Year's day.

Sanitation Schedule for Christmas 2023:

December 25 and 26: Closed
Monday will be conducted Wednesday
Tuesday will be conducted Thursday
Wednesday and Thursday will be conducted Friday