Water Department

The City of Royston has three drinking water sources. A water treatment plant supplied by the North Fork of the Broad River and two deep wells, The City has a permitted capacity of 1 Million gallons of water a day.  Current daily usage is 1/2 million gallons leaving room for growth of 1/2 million gallons per day without re-permitting. There is plenty of pressure supplied by  two elevated water tanks for a combined storage of 550,000 a day.

The city operates a ½ million gallons a day wastewater plant.  This plant is at 45% of its capacity.

Located north of town on hwy 17 and one located on hwy 281 on Railway and with Natural Gas available, some larger tracks of land excellent for commercial of industrial growth are available.. There are several other medium sized tracks also available.

For questions about your water, you may call the Water Treatment Plant at (706) 245-6472 

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