Mayor of Royston, GA


Like all small towns across America, Royston is dealing with many issues, both large and small. We are not unique. We are facing the same issues with which so many rural communities must contend. Fortunately, Royston is unique in the fact that we do operate on a balanced budget with little debt. We are also blessed with low crime, good schools, and close proximity to commerce and recreation. Royston is in the center of everywhere, with opportunity all around.

Even in this poor economy, I believe growth is coming to northeast Georgia. The questions are when will that growth come, and will Royston be prepared to attract it? I think we will be prepared, but it is most important that we turn the local economy around, revive it, and encourage new growth in Royston. New jobs are essential to our local economy. Elected officials cannot do it alone. We must get the public involved.

Part of the solution is continued fiscal responsibility. I have always felt responsible for knowing where and how our money is spent. City Hall must continue to improve on budget control. Considering the current economic situation, we should first consider the financial impact on the community. You and I cannot afford something we don't need.

We need to set an agenda for our council to get the community more involved in decision-making through better communication. Our city council must listen to both residents and business. The council must prioritize and act, and the public must take ownership of our community.

With continued community support and involvement, Royston will have a bright future. I encourage you to attend our council meetings and be involved in our progress.

David Jordan has served as a city councilman for over a decade before he was elected Mayor.  Term expires 12-31-21. To contact David, please call him at (706) 245-7232 or email him at

David is a graduate of The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. He holds a Master of Business Administration and is currently a professor teaching business and information systems at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia.