About Royston, GA

The busy little city of Royston is located in Franklin County in the State of Georgia. The land round about is rich, fertile and well developed into a prosperous cattle and farming section.

Sometime in the early 1800's, people passed through this section and found the area very desirable. So it was that Mr. W. Asbury Royston settled here.

Mr. Royston, Mr. Robert Berryman, Angus Johnson, and Jackson Burnette were among the first land owners. Mr. Berryman acquired much land in the area, and it was he who made the first recorded sale of land. The purchaser was Mr. Royston, and the total amount was two acres valued at $2.00 per acre. Those two acres now make up most of the extent of the business section of our town.

Not too long after this purchase, Mr. Royston built his place of business, on the lot where the Royston Drug Store now stands. He also built his home, which wasn't extremely large, on the space now occupied by the Sanders' Motor Company. Beautiful cedar trees lined his walkway to the front door.

Mr. Royston's store held various kinds of merchandise and a man who drove an ox-drawn wagon was kept busy making trips to Athens for supplies.

The Franklin Springs Post Office was moved into his store and became known as "Royston Post Office" in honor of Mr. Royston. So it was that our town got its name.

In 1879 Royston was incorporated and became the center of activity for all the people near and far. The first mayor was Allen Turner, and the men who first helped him to govern our city were: W.  A. Burnette, Epp Bond, W. M. Bowers, and J. B. Burnette. The city Marshal was Tom Mabrey.

(Above are excerpts from an essay written over 50 years ago by Mrs. Sylvia Leard Gaye that won the 1954 Royston High School essay contest. The subject was "The History of Royston.")